Sea of Stars

Sea of Stars - Amy A. Bartol I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I started this book the morning after finishing Under Different Stars, the first book in the Kricket series. I finished it the same day!

After reading The Daughter of Smoke and Bones series, I decided to try other books featuring more “magical” elements and fantasy, where I was going through a purely dystopian phase. I’m glad I chose this series next!
However, I’m sad that I have to wait for the third book to find out what happens next. (EDIT: Just looked, and somehow I missed that the third book is on NetGalley as well. So maybe I won’t have to wait long!).

This book kept me just as interested as the first. Unlike the very beginning of the first book, I did not consider putting this one down at any point. HINT: Enrique SUCKED!

Throughout this book, Kricket continued to be strong, clever and smart. Still love the main character, and I can’t wait to see what Amy Bartol has in store for Kricket in the next installment!